Assessment Report for Lloyd Holms

Section 1. Summary

Lloyd Holms is a team player that emphasizes building strong relationships. The keys that make him successful is working ethics, reliability combined with his ability to adapt to change while problem solving. His areas for improvement are communicating clearly with others and making decisions with others. When working on their own problems can arise from creativity and coping with stress.




Highly Recommended


Section 2. Profile and Assessment Components for Lloyd Holms

This chart shows the 16 Competencies. Each bar indicates your score on the corresponding competencies. For more information on each competency Click Here.

Working with Others

Prime Success

Section 3. Assessment Summary for Lloyd Holms

Working with others

Teamwork: You are the one everyone wants to work with in collaborative team environments. You are equally adept at being an excellent team leader and an excellent team member. Working with other is something is extremely rewarding to you and comes easily. Ensuring that everything goes smoothly is a task that you enjoy and do well. You ensure that the organization and team goals come first before members' individual goals using your exceptional conflict resolution skills and by making sure everyone is in the right place for success and that the teams' skill sets combine for great success.

Decision-making: When making decisions, you try to balance everyone's opinions. You try to listen actively, but you are often overwhelmed by your own thoughts and ideas. Attempting to look at the whole picture can be daunting in complex situations and may slow down your decision-making process. You need to weigh all the risks and benefits, and ensure that you are open to new ideas.

Leading: You would like to think of yourself as being a leader, though you also have self-doubts at times because you are not always as persuasive as you would like to be. You do your best to foster an environment where teamwork is encouraged. You tend to think strategically but may not see the "big picture" and recognize that you do not have the type of strategic relationships that will help you fill in those gaps.

Building relationships: Your score is very high. Compared to others, you are better at establishing and maintaining relationships with others. Most people probably see you as a “people-person.”

Influencing others: While everyone may not agree with your ideas in the end. You tend to present what you feel are strong and effective thoughts. Though sometimes the reason that you are not more successful in influencing other is in your communication. Listening and communicating more effectively will increase your impact on other people’s thoughts.

Communicating clearly: Your score is average.

Customer service orientation: You always do your best to provide the best customer service. You listen well to what the customer is in need of. After hearing the issues the customer is facing you try and offer as many so solutions as possible to keep the customer a customer and satisfied. With your focus on the customers you might sometimes end up spending too much time on an individual customer causing others to wait.

Prime Success

Analytical problem solving: Your score is high.

Creativity: Your score is average.

Planning and organizing: Your score is high.

Reliability: Your score is very high.

Attention to Detail: Your score is average.

Organizational Citizenship: Your score is high.

Working ethically: Your score is very high.

Adapting to change: Your score is high.

Coping with stress: Your score is average.

Takes Initiative: Your score is low.

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